The Leaven

The Leaven
Matthew 13:33-35

Verse 33 of Matthew 13 contains
another parable on the Kingdom of
Heaven on earth. It states: “Another
parable spake he unto them; The
kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven,
which a woman took, and hid in three
measures of meal, till the whole was
From this parable we learn that the
nation that is the restoration of the
Kingdom of God on earth is a nation that
has three measures or three separate
departments in its national set-up, such
as the legislative, the executive, and the
judicial. Leaven symbolizes doctrine or
teaching, good or evil ( Matthew 16: 6 ,11 & 12 ).
The woman in the parable symbolizes
Israel. ( Editor's note : see Tracing Isaac Sons on our
main page )
Throughout the Old Scripture the word
"woman" and 'wife' is used to symbolize
the Israel people.
Therefore we would expect this nation
that was the beginning of the restoration
of the Kingdom of God to be founded by
the Israel people with a leaven or a
doctrine and teaching on civil administration
that required three measures or separate
departments. Since it requires time
for the leaven to leaven the whole, we
would not expect this nation to be perfect
or completely in harmony with the civil
laws of God in its beginning.
The fact that the woman hid the leaven
indicates that the identity and the significance
of this nation would not be generally