Tracing Isaac's Sons

Pastor Stadslev's book " Tracing the Isaac Sons - Anglo-Saxons " is available in the links to the right in the three chapters it was written in.

Stadsklev was an early " Israel Identity " minister. In the mid -1970's he was an aged man who had written several books and had recorded forty-some sermon-lectures on various topics , most of which hinged upon the idea that the 10 lost tribes of Israel migrated out of Assyrian captivity and , over many years time , moved into Europe and became the European people of today and the people who colonized North America , South Africa , Australia , etc..

It is very important for readers to note that the Israel Identity movement was , in large part , hijacked by white supremacists movements in the years that followed Stadsklev. The idea that the European peoples and their progeny around the world are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel was an idea the supremacists liked as they could then believe they were a chosen and superior race of people as ordained of God. The writings of Stadsklev , and more importantly the sacred writings , convey the idea that these people were chosen of God to serve both Him and other people and while they are spoken of at times as being a " peculiar people " and a blessed people in many ways , there is no mention they were a superior or better race or group of people. They were simply a people chosen to serve and as a " servant " race or group of people they had a job to do.

Recently , the editor of this website found an excellent book by one E. Raymond Capt ( M.A , A.I.A. , F.S.A. Scot.) at entitled " Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian tablets " ( ISBN 0-934666-15-6 ) that speaks of the discovery of Assyrian tablets that reveal the fate of the 10 lost tribes. Readers who find this topic of interest may wish to read this and other books by E. Raymond Capt . They seem to be available at major booksellers like Amazon and also at .