The Cleansing of our Nation

The Cleansing Of Our Nation
by C. 0. Stadsklev

Perhaps the simplest and clearest
parable given by the Lord on the
cleansing of the Kingdom of God on earth
in these last days is the parable on the
tares recorded in Matthew 13, verses 24
through 30.

The interpretation by the
Lord is given in verses 37 through 43.
Let us consider this interpretation or
explanation: “He answered and said
unto them, He that soweth the good
geed is the Son of man; the field is the
world; the good seed are the children
of the kingdom; but the tares are the
children of the wicked one; The enemy
that sowed them is the devil; the harvest
is the end of the world, (age) and
the reapers are the angels. As therefore
the tares are gathered and
burned in the fire; so shall it be in the
end of this world. The Son of man
shall send forth his angels, and they
shall gather out of his kingdom all
things that offend, and them which do
iniquity; and shall cast them into a
furnace of fire: there shall be wailing
and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the
righteous shine forth as the sun in the
kingdom of their Father. Who hath
ears to hear, let him hear.”

Jesus said, “The field is the world.”
That settles the question as to the place
where the events foretold in this parable
were to come to pass; namely, here in this
world (age) and on this earth. In verse 40
Jesus said, “ shall it be in the end
of the age.” So we have a clear statement
from the Lord on the time and the location
for the fulfillment of the parable of the

The opening statement of this tremendous
parable is given in verse 24 of
Matthew 13, where we read, “Another
parable put he forth unto them,
sayng, The kingdom of heaven is
likened unto a man which sowed good
seed in his field.”
In other words, this is a kingdom parable
and not a church parable. And the
kingdom of heaven was to be planted in
the field (the world) and become manifest
in the last days.

Verse 26 states, “But when the
blade was sprung up, and brought
forth fruit, then appeared the tares

The tares in the Kingdom of God on
earth were to appear after the kingdom
(or nation), divinely planted and nourished
had developed and begun to bring
forth fruit — that is kingdom fruit.
This reminds us of what Jesus said to
the chief priests and the Pharisees as
recorded in Matthew 21:43: “Therefore
I say unto you, the kingdom of God
shall be taken from you, and given to
a nation bringing forth the fruits

Here we learn that the Kingdom of
God here on earth was to be given to a certain
nation, which would bring forth kingdom
fruit. Personal salvation has never
been taken away from any nation; nor has
it ever been given to a nation. Personal
salvation has always been for “whosoever
will,” regardless of nationality.

In the 25th chapter of Matthew,
verses 31 through 46 the passage which
deals with the sheep nations on the right,
and the goat nations on the left or leftists
Jesus identifies the fruits of the kingdom.
Remember, the fruits of the kingdom and
the tares were both to appear in the last
days in the Kingdom of God on earth.
These fruits of the Kingdom of God are
listed in Matthew 25 as: feeding the hungry;
giving drink to the thirsty; clothing
the naked; giving shelter to the homeless;
visiting or giving aid and comfort to the
sick and afflicted.

If we are actually living in the end of
the age, there must now be such a nation
on earth, a nation that had a small and
insignificant beginning like the sowing of
seed; and yet, very evidently and providentially
sown by the Lord. This nation
must also be a nation that has grown. On
the one hand, it will have fed the hungry,
clothed the naked, given aid and comfort
to needy and afflicted people; and on the
other hand, this nation must also have
wicked, evil and destructive tares (people)
within its borders.

It is very important to note that in the
parable of the tares both the good seed
and the bad are people, Verse 38 of
Matthew 13 states, “....the good seed
are the children of the kingdom; but
the tares are the children of the
wicked one”.

In order to identify the children of the
Kingdom of God, we must go back to the
Old Scriptures where the term first
appears, and the only Scripture in existence
at the time the Lord gave His kingdom
parables. Throughout these Old and
the New Scriptures the Israel people are repeatedly called God's
earthly kingdom people. In 2 Samuel
7:24 we read, “For thou hast confirmed
to thyself thy people Israel to be a people
unto thee for ever: and thou Lord,
art become their God.”

“The children of the kingdom” that
were providentially planted some place in
the earth and became a great nation,
bringing forth both kingdom fruit and
tares in the last days, must be of
European descent ( true Israel ) who recognize
the Christ in civil affairs as well as in spiritual matters.

Is there such a nation on earth? Yes, there
is; and it is the United States of America
who has spent billions of dollars helping
both friend and foe all over the world.
“The tares are the children of the
wicked one” in the Kingdom of God
nation. Socialism is definitely of the wicked
one; it is satanic, and its strategy and policy
has been to secretly plant its agents,
stooges and dupes in key and strategic
positions throughout our nation. Thus
they have been able to misguide and misdirect
both foreign and domestic policies,
and have spread their corruption and confusion
throughout the earth.

Thank God, we have now come to the
time when the tares are being gathered
and burned in the fire. Already it is getting
hot for the Red tares who, as Jude
said, would “have crept in unawares;”
already they are beginning to wail and
gnash their teeth. As we have stated
before, gnashing of teeth is an expression
of anger and frustration. Individuals, who
have used thy freedoms of this great
nation to seek to destroy our way of life,
wail about the danger of academic freedom
being destroyed when they are being
questioned and exposed; as if they had
any interest or concern for academic freedom,
or as if there would be such a thing
if they should be able to turn our nation
over to Socialism..

It is not only the tares that are to be
removed from the Kingdom of God on
earth for in Matthew 13:41 we read,
“The Son of man shall send forth his
angels, and they shall gather out of
his kingdom all things that offend,
and them which do iniquity.”

There are many things, systems and
customs which are offensive to the Lord
and His people in their nation today.
"Iniquity" in this scripture means defiance
and violation of the national laws of
the Kingdom of God on earth.

While much of the cleansing of the
Kingdom of God on earth will be done by
angels, as repeatedly stated in the kingdom
parables, other scriptures teach that
as God used water to cleanse the earth in
the days of Noah, so God will use fire to
cleanse our nation and the earth in these
last days: this could be atomic fire, hydrogen
fire or the fire of God's presence.