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Unlined Tips



Plastic, unlined 75 degree angled tip

TIPUL1 Violin Bag of 10 6.75
TIPUL3 Cello Bag of 10 8.00
Bass Bag of 5 6.00

Imitation Ivory, unlined

TIFIUL1 Violin Bag of 10 34.00
TIFIUL2 Viola Bag of 10 45.00
TIFIUL3 Cello Bag of 10 56.00
TIFIUL4 Bass Bag of 5 43.00

Tip Armor
Bow tips are made of AMW-814, a polymer composite. Look good at arms length yet on close inspection shows a fabric pattern so that it can't be confused with ivory. With recent bans on ivory, this is the material that I'm using on my own bows.

TITAUL1 Poylmer Violin/Viola tips 90 degree Bag of 10 45.00
TITAUL3 Polymner Cello tips 90 degree Bag of 10 47.50
TITAUL4 Polymer Bass tips 90 degree Bag of 5 75.00
TITAUL1A Poylmer Violin/Viola tips angled Bag of 10 45.00
TITAUL3A Poylmer Cello tips angled Bag of 10 47.50
TITAUL4A Poylmer Bass tips angled Bag of 5 75.00

Mammoth Ivory
Mamoth ivory is now illegal to sell in California


Plastic, lined: black fiber
75 degree angled tip.
TIPLI1 Violin bag of 10 26.00
TIPLI3 Cello bag of 10 28.00
TIPLI4 Bass bag of 5 18.00
Imitation Ivory, lined: ebony
TIFILI1 Violin bag of 10 47.00
TIFILI2 Viola bag of 10 56.00
TIFILI3 Cello bag of 10 70.00
TIFILI4 Bass bag of 5 48.00
General Information about tips: All tips are 90 Degrees between face and tip unless otherwise stated.

Tip Liners

Sold in 1/2 meter lengths
10% discount in quantities of 10 or more of each item


TLEL05 12mm wide, .5mm thick 4.75
TLEL06 15mm wide, .6mm thick 5.00
TLEL08 20mm wide, .8mm thick 5.30

Black Fiber
Sold in 6" x 8" pieces


TLBF3 .3mm thick 3.00
TLBF5 .5mm thick 4.00
TLBF8 .8mm thick 5.00

All prices in US Dollars.
All prices subject to change without notice.

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