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TOOLS by BowWorks

With our continued work with the craft of bow making...
We are increasing our efforts to design and make tools for bow making, repair and restoration. We are committed to raising the standards in the trade by teaching and training, as well as designing and making our specialized line of tools. Tools that will increase the quality of new bows and protect historic bows from damage caused by poor quality repair, resoration or conservation.


Our knives are designed and made by BowWorks in conjunction wth Hock Tools.
We use a high-carbon O1 tool steel tempered to 60 - 62R.
These can hold a razor edge and arrive sharp!

Our single bevel knife. Roughly 6" x 1" x 3/16" . The full radius grind on the top and bottom edge give it a comfortable grip and prevents scraping your work with the back edge
TOKSB Single Bevel Knife $125

Our double bevel knife. Roughly 6" x 1/2" x 1/8" . The full radius grind on the top and bottom edge give it a comfortable grip and prevents scraping your work with the back edge
TOKDB Double Bevel Knife $105

The Compass Bow Gauge

Developed by Bowmaker Steve Beckley. The Compass bow Gauge is a fast and easy way to measure the width, height and angle of your octogon and the alignment of the facets with the bow head. The old saying is true: "If you don't use a compass, you don't know where you are going."
TCGB Compass Bow Gauge $75

New Tools from Paulus

Eye drill spade bits from solid carbide

TCED40 4mm drill, 6mm shaft $65
TCED45 4.5mm drill, 6mm shaft $65
TCED50 5mm drill, 6mm shaft $65
TCED55 5.5mm drill, 6mm shaft $65
TCED60 6mm drill, 6mm shaft $70
TCED65 6.5mm drill, 6mm shaft $75
TCED70 7mm drill, 6mm shaft $80
TCED75 7.5mm drill, 6mm shaft $85
TCED80 8mm drill, 6mm shaft $90
TCED85 8.5mm drill, 6mm shaft $95
TCED90 9mm drill, 6mm shaft $110
TCED10 10mm drill, 6mm shaft $120
TCED11 11mm drill, 6mm shaft $130
TCED12 12mm drill, 6mm shaft $140

Ring Cutter i.e. Parisian eye drill

For use with above spade bits, High-speed steel
Special Order state desired size $350

Shank Drills for Screw Tip holes

TCSD22 2.2mm drill, 3mm shank $55
TCSD26 2.6mm drill, 3.3mm shank $110
TCSD32 3.2mm drill, 4mm shank $150
TCSD36 3.6m drill, 4.5mm shank $150

Nipple Cutters

Carbide - Special Order
TNCV Nipple Cutter Violin $325
TNCC Nipple Cutter Cello $370
TNCB Nipple Cutter Bass $427

Other New Tools

Agate Burnisher

3" long by 1/2"
This is great for leather or silver wraps. It also works well for polishing bare wood.
TAB Agate Burnisher $10

Lucchi Meters

Mini palm
The legend continues with the MINI PALM the next generation of Lucchi Meters. Although it is about the size of the original Mini Meter, the Mini Palm, it is able to perform many new and useful functions. I have depended on the information from these meters for my wood selection for almost two decades.

As with the Mini, it comes with a shoulder bag for storage and transport.
2,350 €uro

All prices in US Dollars.
All prices subject to change without notice.

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BowWorks sells all of the materials needed to make bows for stringed instruments.
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