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The Ultimate Resource for Violin Bow Making Supplies

If you are coming to this site because you saw the bow maker Steven Beckley on the DIY Network's "Handmade Music " show, you can see his handmade violin bows on his violin bow maker site.

At BowWorks we supply all of the materials required for the people who make, repair and restore Violin bows, Viola Bows, Cello Bows, Bass Bows and other bows for stringed instruments.

BowWorks was started in 1986 by Steven Beckley, who is also a bowmaker, when he realized that a central source of quality bow making materials was needed so he could concentrate on his work of making bows and spend less time hunting down the materials that he used.

Over the course of years, he has discovered the finest sources of shell, silver, exotic leather, horse hair, and the other supplies needed for the making restoration and repair of violin bows, and other bows for stringed Instruments. He has gathered all of these materials into a single source so you can concentrate better working on bows and spend less time finding the quality bowmaking materials that you need to practice your craft.

Here is the index to our online catalog

Take a look at some violin bows made by Steven Beckley.


Bow Making Workshops 2018

There will be no bow making workshops this year. Steven Beckley has sold BowWorks to David Warther of Dover Ohio. David is much more adept at this whole business of Online Sales, Websites and such and will be able to give the clients of BowWorks a better web site, better service and the expanded inventory they need and deserve. Steven has realized that we wishes to focus solely on the craft of bow making. Perhaps in 2019 he will hold some more workshops. if so, they will be announced on the his violin bowmaking website.

NEW! Dehydrated Bows!


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BowWorks sells all of the materials needed to make bows for stringed instruments.
If you are a bow maker, bow restorer, or practice the craft of bowmaking as a hobby,
BowWorks has the materials you need.
Steven Beckley makes fine violin bows, viola bows and cello bows.

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